7 inventive ways these Melbournians are using Home CCTV

7 inventive ways these Melbournians are using Home CCTV

Home CCTV. Some people think this might be a step too far in the world of technology. But how far would you go to keep your home and family safe? 

An ever growing number or Melbournians are choosing piece of mind and safety today by installing state of the art, online activated CCTV surveillance in their homes.

The idea is simple. A closed network of camera’s that feed footage from your home or business straight to a smart phone or laptop anywhere in the world.

It’s now easier than ever to keep an eye on what matters most; no matter how busy our lives are getting.

Having installed these advanced systems all over Melbourne, I’ve gotten to know the people who are use them. Here’s our top seven ways our clients people are using and loving CCTV for their homes.

Some of them are more simple than you’d think:

1. To keep an eye on their pets

Of course we’d all like to think that this amazing technology would be used for something more sophisticated than keeping an eye on the family pooch. But in truth it’s more useful than you might think.

Do you have a dog that gets restless while you’re away at work? Or tends to bark when you’re out of the house? CCTV systems are letting their users keep a closer eye on things and know first hand what is really going on back home.

Find out faster when your boxer leaps the fence, or your lab manages to dig slyly under the back fence.

Stop the wonder and watch in real time as your pets enjoy themselves back home.

Side note: this makes for a pretty great party trick when you’re trying to show off your new puppy to the office crew. Simply open up the browser and watch the mischief unfold.

2. To keep and eye on their kids

This one is a little more serious.

As our kids get older and many of us return to work, there are times when they are often home alone. With more and more of us stretching the hours we spend in the office it’s little wonder that we get concerned about our kids at home.

We can’t always be their for them, but we can do our best to keep them safe from harm.

Check in from the office to make sure they made it home from school on time. Or that they’re being safe on the trampoline.

All of this enables us to act faster in an emergency, knowing the people you care most about are always within sight.

3. To watch out for the motorbike

Is your true love a little more “Metallic”?

Perhaps your Harley is sleeping in the garage waiting for a twisty road. Or those jet skis are waiting at home for your next trip to the beach.

Whatever your prized possession, keep it safe and under the watchful eye of CCTV surveillance.

Report disturbances in real time and help authorities to act faster in the event of a crime.

Over and over again, theft is unravelled and priceless possessions returned with the help of a correctly set up CCTV system.

Police are always hungry for more information and with homes in your neighbourhood equipped to better fight crime, together we can reduce the threat and help protect each other.

4. Deter crime

The only thing better than catching a criminal is deterring them in the first place.

CCTV is an outstanding deterrent for simple and violent crime.

With an active system in place your home and family becomes a much less likely target and can rest easy knowing that they are safe.

Most criminals are looking for a swift and smooth operation. Many wont risk prosecution in the face of surveillance footage and choose instead to seek out easier targets. Protect your home and business by deterring crime and limiting opportunistic theft.

5. Know the house is safe while travelling

In this global age we spend more and more time away from our homes. Unfortunately homes that have been left empty while the your are overseas or interstate are common targets for crime, theft and squatting.

With a global remote system you can ensure that even from the other side of the world you have eyes on what matters back home.

Now from Taipei to London you can keep a watchful eye on your beautiful Melbourne home and continue to enjoy your time away.

This point combines with the references about pets and other family members. Stay in touch real time with how they are going and report any problems you spot to family and friends back home who can help. In an emergency, every minute helps and having live, direct access to your property could make a real difference.

6. Live in more interesting places

We’re becoming more and more adventurous with what we’re prepared to call a home. People are now living more and more intercity with warehouse spaces and former industrial spaces becoming popular for renovation.

But with these new spaces comes new challenges. Often these spaces are less secure and more open to attack than a traditional home. Which is why they benefit enormously from 21st century protection to keep them safe.

While the idea doesn’t appeal to all of us, an open, inner city dwelling could be the perfect home for your family and protecting it should matter to you.

Keep and eye on your busy home with a wirelessly activated CCTV system to ensure that your dream location doesn’t become a perfect disaster.

7. The Party Trick

This one might be pure vanity, but I’ll tell you it is a whole lot of fun and an instant talking piece for the office or dinner party.

Imagine everyone’s surprise as you pull out your phone and show everyone your dog running around the back yard, eldest son arriving home into the garage or the cat sleeping on the living room couch.

Admittedly this might become a little addictive and we’d hate for you to spend hours each day staring at your phone while you should be focussing on the quarterly report. But being connected to your home at any time is an amazing feeling.

Be more connected. Be more in control. Get the piece of mind you deserve.


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