About Us

Melbourne Electric was started by two friends in the South East suburbs of Melbourne who have a passion for changing the way people live in their homes through the latest technology.

‘We imagine a world where people look forward to calling an electrician, because they know that’s going to be an exciting experience. From the first moments of brainstorming and consultation, until the tradesmen leaves your home, we want people to think ‘wow, that was awesome’. And not over the top hype, ‘awesome’ which is bandied about a lot these days. This is all about the subtle things, we love going the extra mile to make your entire experience with us, great. From start to future ‘

Samuel Kent – Founder


A world where everyday people, have life easier and more beautiful homes because of the technology we provide.


To share the excitement of living in a great space with people. We passionately research, collaborate, advise and assist our clients to easily understand the best ways to take their homes to the next level. We do this through our electrical, automation and security solutions.