LED downlights… Money Saver or Trap?

LED downlights… Money Saver or Trap?

There’s been a lot of talk lately. A lot of people claiming they can save you money on your electricity bills. And a lot of people saying that LED Downlights are the answer.

But there’s a couple of things they’ve left out. I want to share those with you.

A few years ago the Government launched a number of incentives to help Victorians reduce their energy usage and start cutting emissions. Most of these “schemes” and grants fell under the bracket of VEET (Victorian Emissions Target) and genuinely offered LED technology FREE to households like yours.

The idea was simple. Change every old, outdated and energy hungry halogen globe over to a brand new LED unit free of charge.

But as I’m sure you can guess, hundreds of cheap, quick, startup companies, emerged from no where, hoping to make a buck out of this generous government incentive.

You’ve probably seen the advertising. You’ve probably been handed a pamphlet. You might have even had your lighting upgraded.

And that’s great.

The less halogen globes running in your home the more money you’re saving. Together we’re are cutting emissions and we are helping Victorians save money.

BUT, there are a couple of untold truths you should know about LED lights before making the switch. It’s important to have all of the facts.

LED Downlights – Untold Truth 1

LED Downlight globes are dim.

Bedroom LED DownlightsCheap, budget and low grade globes cut corners and produce underwhelming results. Your once beautiful and welcoming home could quickly feel like it’s being lit with candles.

As an electrician, I’m always doing my best to ensure every job I do (even just changing the light globes) leaves your home more liveable and more comfortable than when I started. I want you to enjoy the space you live in – day or night.

Thankfully it’s an easy problem to avoid.

Check who you’re working with. Electrical companies that are here to stay want more than just government incentives and short term customers. They want to wow you with the results.

Great quality globes are easy to recognise. Simply ask your electrician to do a quick test for you. You can do this by removing all the light and comparing the results of your existing halogen globe to a brand new LED unit.

The goal is to have them produce exactly the same results! The colour might be a little different, but you want to make sure that the new unit can easily light the space and illuminate your room.

It only takes a minute and could save you lots of time and hassle in the future.

Led Downlights – Untold Truth 2

Glare. You’ll be needing sun glasses.

LED Downlights KitchenLED Downlights are known for being glary. Stare accidentally at the tiny globe and you could be seeing stars for minutes afterwards.

Not only is this putting strain on your eyes, it’s also making your home less relaxing with light unevenly diffused across the space.

When you’re upgrading to LED Downlights be sure to use high quality globes that have a built in diffuser or even frosted glass section. This will actively reduce glare and once again retain the natural ambiance of the downlight you love.

Ask your electrician what type of globe they recommend. It needs to suit your home and the way your family uses the space.

By staying informed and knowing these common pitfalls you can ensure that your home is upgraded to best possible system.

It won’t cost you any more money. But it will save you heartache and disappointment in the future.

The Answer

My team have been installing LED globes in households all over Victoria for for more than 12 months. We know the results are amazing. People like you, are saving hundreds of dollars on their energy bills while still doing the things they love.

LED Downlights are the Ferrari of lighting. They are fast, powerful and beautiful when installed correctly.

By using up to 80% less energy than a standard halogen globe, LED Downlights’s are a proven way for Victorian households to stop the energy price rise and start cutting green house emissions.

The Victorian State Government is still issuing grants to quality Electrical Teams who can help you make the switch today. It’s free and by choosing to work with Melbourne Electric you’re guaranteeing the best possible results.

Speak with our team today and we’ll do a complimentary site inspection to make sure the switch is right for you.

Join the thousands of Victorians who are saving money with quality and energy efficient LED’s today.

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